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About us

Design furniture company to express your style. We are a Made in Italy furniture brand: products with functional design to give space to the interior designer in you. Want to know how?

The design furniture company that works for you

We design and manufacture elegant, practical and high-quality home furnishing accessories in Italy, that are beautiful to look at and pleasant to use every day, even after a long time. We we like the idea of providing you with what you need to express your style through the choice of elements that decorate your home. elements that decorate your home. We do this through an extremely versatile product catalogue versatile product catalogue: entire sets of complements with the same features and finishes, or mix & match combinations mix & match between different collections. Think of it as your creative atelier: select the elements, mix and match finishes, build your own style. Get inspired with our collections

Production of furniture and home accessories

We design and manufacture products that can be easily integrated into any type of furniture, because the best complements must be able to enhance each person's style. The our collections represent as many interior design styles and trends that can meet very varied tastes: the proposal allows you to choose from a wide range of finishes, sizes, thicknesses and lines, so that you can compose the desired combinations to suit your needs. your needs. We pay great attention to detail, both aesthetic and functional: each product reveals a construction detail that enhances its construction detail that enhances its use and at the same time enriches the design with interesting details. interesting details. This is somewhat our trademark, an attitude that stems from the context in which the company was born.

Made in Italy furniture: three generations of enterprise

We love the minimalism of the Nordic style and bring it closer to Italian taste to create products versatile, simple yet refined products that fit into different contexts and moods. ARHome is a furniture accessories company that was born in the heart of the Pordenone furniture district, a hotbed of invention and entrepreneurship steeped in all-Italian history. The roots are those of MCM, a company specialising in the production of furniture components and founded by our grandfather in 1976. 1976: in this background we have been able to absorb and mix the know-how of three generations, of many ingenious and competent workers. We brought home a lesson of extreme attention to detail, care for people and a passion for production efficiency: thanks to these foundations we have worked hard to realise our ideas, developing the potential of the company in a new way, closer to current sensibilities.

Discover our Made in Italy

Practical sustainability in everyday life

Our design and planning allows us to be a sustainability-conscious company. There are many ways of be so: we have chosen the most practical way, through practices that we are able to maintain consistently throughout the entire production process.

Through Forest Management certification we adhere to the standard whereby forests or forest plantations are managed under strict environmental, social and economic social and economic standards.Look for our FSC® - Certified Products.

MDF, the main material of our products, is made from wood fibres from processing waste, so no new does not involve cutting new plants.

We have designed a sustainable packaging, 100% recyclable. The packaging takes into account both of safety functionality and resistance and impact resistance, as well as the environmental impacts production, use and disposal of the same.

Thanks to production optimisation we reduce waste as much as possible at each processing stage. of processing.

The numbers of ARHome

22.375 Customers satisfied from 2021 to date
1.100 Shipping monthly
30.621 Products sold from 2021 to date
4.000 sqm of products in stock available for shipment

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