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Made in Italy furniture

ARHome furnishing accessories are 100% Made in Italy.

Beauty can and must be cultivated anywhere, even in an automated plant: we use innovative machinery We produce in our company in Pasiano di Pordenone all the components of every product, including mirrors. What we do not we produce ourselves comes from trusted Italian suppliers who selected for the quality of their materials. The product is supervised from start to finish, with both automated and automated and human quality control.

For us, doing business represents one of the expressions of Italian know-how: every technical improvement, every concrete efficiency is part of a global vision of design that must be of design that must be functional, aesthetic and sustainable in the same measure. sustainable in the same measure. to improve production times, making production, making a system work harmoniously and efficient production chain to invest more in quality and guarantee in quality and guarantee excellent products at a fair price. fair.

We have clear ideas: take the best from the possibilities the company's possibilities and plan production so that we can guarantee excellent products, always available and at a competitive price. competitive price.

Our research and development department studies products that are entirely producible in our company, exploiting technologies and solutions optimised over the years, unique and not easily reproduced by others.

The design of the products follows precise guidelines: elegance practicality, functionality. We devote extreme care to the details of construction details and we like to combine the beauty of sometimes imperceptible details with their specific function: solving small everyday problems with aesthetic and effective solutions is what the best that Italian material culture can offer.

The study of materials is a fundamental part of the design: we chose to work mainly with MDF and syncroporous finishes, both sourced from trusted trusted Italian suppliers.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a thin and compact of high quality and durability, which forms the structure of our constitutes the structure of our complements. On this to this structure we apply syncroporous coatings, high-quality which simulate the grain and pores of wood to the eye and touch, are scratch-resistant and and pores of wood, are resistant to scratches and fading, and are easy to clean. easily cleaned. All products are tested to ensure that they that they meet certain requirements.

Even the mirrors are made in Italy: the quality is perceived in the perceived in the high reflection index and in the protection Mirror Safe, which guarantees the safety of the user in case of breakage of the mirror. Beautiful and smart materials: a level and still affordable, compared to other similar similar-looking products that are on the market but have short-lived, e.g. made of chipboard or painted.

Our collections are different declinations of MDF, synchro coatings and other components, plus research into trends, colour palettes and other possible innovations on materials and industrialisation. The result is a series of combinations that on the one hand create ever new visual effects, on the other hand allow us to reduce warehousing, be more efficient and reduce production costs, hence the list price. list price.

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